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Gina Burgess Quartet "ISNOW" featuring the Anuri Drum Dancers

Gina Burgess Quartet "ISNOW" featuring the Anuri Drum Dancers

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Fri July 5, 2024

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East Coast Music Award winning album, “ISNOW” is the first solo album from classically trained violinist and composer Gina Burgess. These pieces are genre-bending compositions for violin, contemporary Inuit throat singing, double bass, drum kit, Brazilian percussion and Qilaut drum. They fuse together the different musical elements that Gina has been influenced by through her musical training and travels.

15 years of living part time in Nunavut inspired the pieces on the ISNOW album which grew out of the influences of the land, animals, water and traditional culture of the north, particularly following the pattern of traditional Inuit throat singing.

Inuit throat singing is a rhythmic and melodic game played between two people. In these compositions, the violinist and lead throat singer mirror each other carrying the melodies and landscapes of the pieces. The sounds in this show are inspired by the sounds of nature, just as traditional Inuit throat singing mimics the sounds of nature.
This genre-bending album has at its heart the showcasing of traditional cultures and young artists.

The artists involved:

Olivia (Akeeshoo) Chislett is a multimedia artist from Iqaluit, NU, who primarily works in graphic art and throat singing. Chislett has performed in numerous settings including; Break Out West, East Coast Music Awards, Alianait Music Festival, and many more. In addition to her artistic practice, Chislett also teaches traditional and contemporary throat singing at the Inuksuk high school in Iqaluit.

Greg Woolner, a seasoned percussionist and facilitator hailing from Toronto, honed his craft under renowned composer and percussionist, Prophet.
In 2009, Greg co-created a captivating two-man drumming spectacle alongside the lead cast member from the European STOMP cast. The collaboration mesmerized audiences across Canada, delivering over 250 performances and culminating in a memorable show for 20,000 spectators at the prestigious Air Canada Centre.

Embracing diverse musical journeys, Greg has graced stages and studios as a core band member alongside celebrated artists such as Gina Burgess and Ben Caplan. His musical experience extends beyond performances, as he has conducted numerous percussion workshops in schools throughout Canada, inspiring and educating aspiring musicians of all ages.

A multifaceted double bass player, Jordan Stephens had been performing and recording in Nova Scotia and beyond for over 15 years. Jordan has played in such bands as Krasnogorsk, The Coconut Kings, The Ship, and The Trundlers.

Based in Iqaluit, Nunavut, the Anuri Drum Dancers have worked with Dr. Mary Piercey-Lewis for years. As part of the Inuksuk Drum Dancers, these young artists have travelled and performed all over the word. They are just starting their musical journey as the Anuri Drum Dancers and this ISNOW tour will be their first.

The Gina Burgess Quartet creates and holds space for these youth to compose their own choreography, do their own teachings and run their own workshops. This collaboration highlights the Qilaut drum in a new and contemporary way. It is not common in the south of Canada to see traditional throat singing and Qilaut playing, let alone contemporary fusion versions of it.

It is imperative that the youth feel empowered when sharing their culture with others, and that audiences witness Indigenous and non-Indigenous collaborations. We can and are working together to create new and beautiful forms of artistic expression.

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